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Fairy Princess Raena - Lost in the Great Storm

Posted by Brook on June 23, 2014 at 4:50 AM

Far, far away, in a distant land where the wind sings lullabies and the rainbows paint dreams, there stands a tall and proud mountain. A silver Tipsy-Turvy River winds in and out of its rocks, down and around the mountain all the way to the rich green forest that lies at its base.

The Silver Mountain Forest is no ordinary forest. It is, in fact, home to every sort of woodland creature imaginable. From talking bugs and birds to pixies and sprites; from grumpy gnomes and goblins to the good fairy folk; all of them live happily in the enchanted kingdom of the Silver Mountain Forest....

To Princess Raena, daughter of the Fairy Queen Faye, the forest was her playground, filled with endless opportunity for adventure and exploration...

“I'm old enough now,” she said. “I can protect myself. Mother and Nanny Bee are so busy they won’t even know I’m gone.”

And with that she snuck into the forest.

“This is so much fun!” she said, flitting from one branch to the next, feeling free to go wherever she pleased. Spurred on by excitement, she went deeper and deeper into the forest; much farther than Nanny Bee would have taken her.


But what happens when poor Princess Raena is washed away to the dark side of the forest in a terrible storm.  Will she escape the horrible hag and the terrible troll?

By Carly Van Heerden

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