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Creative Writing Exercise 2

Unleash a Spell of Creativity

To unleash your creativity, all you have to do is ask the right questions and then answer them in an imaginative way.  Even though the solutions have to be consistent with each other, and have to follow the rules of the world you have created, (i.e. gravity), there is great scope for variety.  This exercise is just about getting all your thoughts down on paper.  The questions below are just to guide you. The important thing is just to keep free-wheeling; keep your creative juices flowing; just get it all out!


  1. Write down a working title.  If you can’t think of something, write ‘(your name) story’.
  2. Briefly describe what happens at the beginning of your story, the middle and how the story concludes.
  3. Identify and write down the key events of the story using the cause and effect method.  For example: ‘Because Alice shouted at John, John angrily left the house and sped away in his car.  Because he wasn’t thinking straight, he ran over…’
  4. Now create three main characters: 
    1. The main character (whose viewpoint is often the one you are seeing and who can also be the hero, as in the Harry Potter series where it is Harry himself).
    2. The friend of the main character who, alternatively, may be a mentor or guiding conscience. (In the Harry Potter series, Harry’s friends are Ron and Hermione.  Harry’s mentors include his teachers and godfather).
    3. The enemy of the main character who presents a direct challenge (as in Voldemort in the Harry Potter series).
  5. Describe each of the main characters, including their physical appearances, personality traits and daily activities, and more importantly detail any scenes or roles they play in your story.  (More on this later in Secret 5.)
  6. Describe how the main character and enemy of the main character want opposing things.  (In the Harry Potter series, Harry wants to live, but Voldemort wants to destroy him.  He becomes the ‘boy who lived’ every time Voldemort fails.)